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This category contains products such as:-
Adapter, Cone+S/Threa,d Adapter, Guko Jar, indicators and genera tors,, Baume hydrometers, Basin, Porcelain, Brushes, Chemical and biological Indicator, Cryo Boxes, Filter paper, Filtration sterile ,membranes, Hydrometers, Laboratory porcelain (crucibles, evaporating dish, funnels, mortars), Lactometers, Liquid hydrometers, Magnetic Stirrers, Mortar & Pestle, Parafilm Pipettes, Bulb Pipettes, Serological Ind Serological Pipets, Syringe Filters, Slide, Mailer, Plastic Tips, Filter Racked 96 Tips Gilson Filter Tipped Tissue, Culture Products, Thermometers etc


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